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Thousand Arrows

When I Go 7" (2004) St. Ives

     When I Go

     When We Were Gone

Thousand Arrows S/T (2005) Reibenbach 


     Heart of Hearts

     One More Season

     Be Your Blues

     Some Sunny Day

     Black Mtn.


     Send Me Home

     Laces of Leather

     Star Man


Electric Tribe (2006) Reibenbach 


     Brothers One by One

     Here's the Might

     Transcraft Eagle

     Never Alone

     Call Me Home

     City House



Thousand Years (2007) Reibenbach


     Great Dane


     Nighttime Ferry

     I Am the Sun (Swans Cover)


     Wicked Man

     Gray Town


Hombre Trax (2010) Reibenbach


     Feel Infinity

     Got Me Well

     Can You Count

     Sometimes It Feels


     Monk's Mound

     AC Car

     Diggin' Holes

     Chompin' Strut

     Rocks Thrower


Time Bend (2010) Reibenbach


     Magic Bullets



     Whisper Away


     Red Mourning

     Signs In My Town

     Time Spent In Anger



Copper Kettle Digi Single (2015) Reibenbach


     Copper Kettle

     I Didn't Know

Call My Name EP (2017)

     Call My Name


     Ross Island Steady


Lily Lee 7" (2022) Marthasville Fine Audio

     Lily lee

     Mini Train

Dutch Seismic

Dutch Seismic EP (2021) Third Uncle 



     Crumbling Cliff


     No Drip


die Erkenntnis Digi Single (2023) Reibenbach 

Work With Other Groups

Intro to Airlift


     Kick the Can Split 7" (YEAR) Liliel Copgn Trust

     S/T 7" (YEAR) Red Dawg 

     The Music Of...7" (YEAR) label

     Intro/June Panic Split EP (1997) Secretly Canadian


Panoply Academy Corps of Engineers


     Concentus (2000) Secretly Canadian


Panoply Academy Legionnaires


     No Dead Time (2001) Secretly Canadian

     Diurnally Yours b/w Nocturnally Yours 7" (2001) Secretly Canadian

     Everything Here Was Built to Break (2004) Secretly Canadian

Turn Pale


     Winter EP (2001)

     Chance/Mesmerized 7" (2002) Bluesanct

     Kill the Lights (2003) What Else?

The Coke Dares


     Here We Go With... (2004) Essay

     TCD/Rapider Than Horsepower Split 7" (2004) Pink Pistol

     TCD/Push Pull Split 7" (2005) Reibenbach

     TCD/Mark Mallman Split 7" (2005) Nodak

     Live at 7 & 10 (2005) Reibenbach

     Live in Spain Millenium Edition (2007) Reibenbach

     Slow EP (2007) Reibenbach

     Feelin' Up (2008) Essay

     TCD/Racebannon Split Single (2008) Reibenbach

     Yellow Ages EP (2010) Reibenbach

Scout Niblett

     I Am (2003) Secretly Canadian

     Drummerboy/Blossom 7" (2003) Too Pure

Magnolia Electric Co. 

     Trials and Errors (2005) Secretly Canadian

     What Comes After the Blues (2005) Secretly Canadian

     Hard to Love a Man EP (2005) Secretly Canadian

     Fading Trails (2006) Secretly Canadian

     Sojourner Box Set: Nashville Moon, Sun City Session (2007) Secretly Canadian

     It's Made Me Cry 7" (2009) Secretly Canadian

     Josephine (2009) Secretly Canadian

     Rider. Shadow. Wolf. 7" (2009) Secretly Canadian

     Goshen Electric Co. 7" with Tim Showalter (2018) Secretly Canadian

Laughaholics Laughonymous

     Laughaholics Laughonymous (2008) Reibenbach

The Hollows (now called Rodeola)

     Sweetie EP (2011) 

Release the Sunbird

     Come Back to Us (2011) Brushfire

The Zags

     Small Bags EP (2014)

     The Zags S/T (2015)

     Icy Red (2016) Weiner 


Cool Links

Recording Josephine: Magnolia Electric Company at Electrical Audio


    Pete's brother Ben Schreiner joined the band at Electrical Audio recording studio during the sessions for their final studio album. The brothers produced this feature length documentary that gets intimate with the band and engineer Steve Albini while they track the band's renowned final album, Josephine. Includes exclusive non-album mixes and tracks. 


Russian Recording Studio

Marthasville Fine Audio Recordings


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